Embroidery + Suede

          Hey ladies,
          Can we discuss how adorable the embroidery is on this suede skirt? Absolutely loving it! I don’t know about you but I have spring fever and I have been obsessed with EVERYTHING suede this season. I am loving the detailing on this skirt and how adorable it is with a pair of peep-toe booties and a crop! I purchased this skirt from Zara, in the Lincoln Square store NY. This is definitely a staple, must have item for the spring. I would hurry because these skirts are going too quick! I am never a girl to normally fall for patterns but something about this skirt was unique and trendy. I always like to find pieces that are different and this skirt was too darling to resist. Sadly, i couldn’t link this up with reward style because they aren’t affiliated with Zara but I posted the link! I tagged a few of my favorite spring skirts as well! Be sure to check out my Instagram! @yourdarlingstyle for more looks and shop my Instagramhere! Comment below what you lovely ladies would like to see in my Spring Essentials guide!

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