DIY Floppy hat with writing (Under $15)

     Hey guys,

   I recently came across these adorable sun hats on Instagram and I thought to myself, I can probably make that? I come from a house with a mother who glued individual rhinestones on my dance costumes until 2:30 in the morning. I was fortunate enough to take on her craft abilities. This Sunhat is the cutest trend for vacation and instead of paying a decent amount of money; I can show you how to make one for under $15.00.
1. You are going to need to buy sequin trimming (many colors to choose from but I suggest black), Adhesive glue for fabrics, a floppy hat with a wide rim, a pencil and most importantly your saying! I purchased my floppy hat from Francesca’s on clearance for only $4.00!

2. Picking what saying you want was the hardest part of this whole process. I went with, La Vie Set Belle : Life is beautiful. It is.
3. Take a pencil and outline the brim of the hat with what saying you want. If the pencil is not showing up, you can use a black marker.
4. After you’ve outlined the hat, start by tracing it with the glue, one word at a time.
5. The glue does dry quickly so immediately follow it with the sequin trimming. It is difficult to explain but in order for it to lay flat you will need to cut the trimming in certain places to make it work.

6. After you trim the writing with the fabric, you are done. I taped the edges of the sequin trimming to prevent it from falling off and fraying. A little scotch tape should work. And there you have it ladies a floppy hat! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Tag me in your floppy hats! I’d love to see.

Your Darling

Traveling with Your Darling

     Let’s  be honest, who wants to sit on a plane for 3 plus hours completely uncomfortable. Today I am sharing with you my cozy outfit as I head out on vacation. Starting from bottom to top, I am wearing my Adidas Gazelle sneakers in ivory. These have to be the most comfortable sneaker that I own. They come in many adorable colors and I even wear them with my lulu socks. I was so afraid that the light colored sneaks would get so dirty but I just fell in love with the color. They are also incredibly easy to clean off. (My trick to keeping my shoes so clean are using makeup wipes.) 
     I’ve always searched for a high waisted, comfortable legging that was so soft and also flattering. I found that being that I am petite I struggled with finding leggings that also fit length wise. Lululemon makes a pant called, The Align pant. These pants changed my entire legging game. They are a naked sensation (so they call it) and actually feel like you aren’t wearing pants. I bought four pairs of them because I fell so in love. They are a 7/8 length, so for my petite ladies they are perfection. If you are taller they will be a lot shorter. They come in a few different colors as well. Perfect for travel and everyday comfort.
     As for my cardigan, I got this adorable kimono sweater from LOFT. They carry a brand called Lou&Grey. I’ve recently discovered it and became obsessed with how soft everything feels. They are now having a sale; the sweater is 60% off of 64.00! It’s a STEAL. 

  As for carry-on items; being that you are allowed two I bring a suitcase and a tote. I am loving this marble cary-on suitcase from Calpak. I LOVE how stylish it is and practical too.  I like to bring special accessories, like my chanel flats etc. on board with me. Not worth losing those items over lost luggage. It’s happened to me before, sadly. I also carry my Perry tote from Tory Burch! This bag fits EVERYTHING. It’s easy to clean off and fits my MacBook perfectly. I tagged a few other of my favorite travel totes.
Thank you for reading my jet setters!
Have a wonderful day and comment with any questions below.
Your Darling