Soho Grand Extravaganza

      So, many of you know from my Insta-Stories that I surprised Tyler with a surprise  birthday staycation weekend in Soho. I wanted to first off thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes! Tyler sends his love to you all. We stayed for the weekend at, the Soho Grand Hotel. Tyler is very into the trendy and rustic locations, so I knew he would adore it. It exceeded our expectations, more than we ever could have imagined. You know the staycation was successful when you both were tearing up on the last day. Clearly we didn’t want it to end. From the kind and helpful guest service staff to the waitstaff at the restaurant; we were delighted everywhere we went. As soon as we arrived, we were your typical NYC tourists. We wanted the entire New York experience, granted we’ve visited a dozen times.

Continue reading below to see how we celebrated Tyler’s Bday weekend. I could go on for days discussing every little thing we did. We will remember this staycation forever and hold the memories dear to our hearts. Also at the very bottom, you will see the pictures from our rustic shoot. We had a blast and now have beautiful photos to look back on.

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Staycation All We Ever Wanted

         Every year, I find a weekend to go visit Montauk for a weekend. Tyler and I have been craving a Staycation and wanting to visit Montauk this summer. With our busy schedules, we finally found the time to go to the end of the world. We first went to the Montauk Manor and the lobby was absolutely exquisite. Whether you are visiting for just the day or an overnight water view stay the accommodations and grounds are quite lovely. We spent the rest of the afternoon over at Ruschmeyer’s. Ruschmeyer’s is definitely a number one spot in the Hamptons. We just loved the Rustic vibe and the gorgeous tropical entry to the Hotel. We enjoyed our stay and found that the accommodations definitely met our desires. We would love to visit Gurney’s waterfront hotel next time around but unfortunately the rooms were sold out that weekend.

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Happiest In Westhampton

  Memorial Day Weekend is finally here and The Hamptons will quickly crowd with NYC visitors. A summer in the Hamptons is the best kind of summer to experience. Growing up on the Eastern end of Long Island has given me the privilege to experience some of the best boutique shopping, yummy restaurants, sweet treats to indulge in—along with the BEST beach days. I’ve always found it hard to travel during the summer-time because there is too much excitement happening out East. I have been traveling the past few years, performing at various theaters and I am ecstatic that I will finally be home this summer, to enjoy lounging on a beach chair at Cupsogue Beach. They do say you are, ” Happiest in The Hamptons.” I want to share with you all a few favorite spots in Westhampton Beach!
1. Mixology
Mixology is one of my favorite boutiques in Westhampton. They have adorable dresses and on-trend tops. If you are looking for a last-minute dinner outfit, or something for a Hampton’s party, then head over to Mixology for an affordable look with a hint of luxury. I recently purchased two adorable off the shoulder ruffle dresses; they truly have  some great pieces.

2. SHOCK Ice Cream Shop
Cotton Candy + Ice Cream= LOVE! I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you head to Shock Ice Cream Store on Main Street. I mean come on, how amazing does this look?

3. Dune Road
Being that the weather is a bit cooler, taking a nice drive on Dune Road will give you a taste of what to expect in the Hamptons. The streets are lined with gorgeous homes and they all have unique architecture to them. I love that not one house looks alike. I suggest taking a nice drive down there as the sun is setting—it’s perfect for before you head out to dinner!

4. Margarita Grille
    MG is my family’s go-to in WHB. My boyfriend and I love the fun vibes that surround the restaurant. If you love Tacos, I suggest trying their fish-tacos (Tyler’s favorite for sure). They have outdoor and indoor seating available; it’s a great, casual place if you are looking for something quick to grab at night. Another thing that I love is the gluten free options. They make me a special gluten free quesadilla with chicken every time I visit. They are great about accommodating food allergies.

5. Westhampton Performing Arts
     WPA has a lot of really great guest singers and concerts. I am so excited that Audra Mcdonald will be performing this evening. I hope you have a chance to visit this beautiful theatre. Definitely check out the calendar to see the exciting guest artists that will be performing this summer.
There are too many places to explore when visiting the Hamptons but I suggest visiting one Hampton per weekend. There are several wonderful restaurants, beaches, boutiques and landmarks to see. I’m happy to share more experiences with you all as my summer carries on. I have a lot of fun coffee shops, yoga studios and boutiques on the agenda. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I will be performing and doing what I love in a four-show weekend.

Traveling with Your Darling

     Let’s  be honest, who wants to sit on a plane for 3 plus hours completely uncomfortable. Today I am sharing with you my cozy outfit as I head out on vacation. Starting from bottom to top, I am wearing my Adidas Gazelle sneakers in ivory. These have to be the most comfortable sneaker that I own. They come in many adorable colors and I even wear them with my lulu socks. I was so afraid that the light colored sneaks would get so dirty but I just fell in love with the color. They are also incredibly easy to clean off. (My trick to keeping my shoes so clean are using makeup wipes.) 
     I’ve always searched for a high waisted, comfortable legging that was so soft and also flattering. I found that being that I am petite I struggled with finding leggings that also fit length wise. Lululemon makes a pant called, The Align pant. These pants changed my entire legging game. They are a naked sensation (so they call it) and actually feel like you aren’t wearing pants. I bought four pairs of them because I fell so in love. They are a 7/8 length, so for my petite ladies they are perfection. If you are taller they will be a lot shorter. They come in a few different colors as well. Perfect for travel and everyday comfort.
     As for my cardigan, I got this adorable kimono sweater from LOFT. They carry a brand called Lou&Grey. I’ve recently discovered it and became obsessed with how soft everything feels. They are now having a sale; the sweater is 60% off of 64.00! It’s a STEAL. 

  As for carry-on items; being that you are allowed two I bring a suitcase and a tote. I am loving this marble cary-on suitcase from Calpak. I LOVE how stylish it is and practical too.  I like to bring special accessories, like my chanel flats etc. on board with me. Not worth losing those items over lost luggage. It’s happened to me before, sadly. I also carry my Perry tote from Tory Burch! This bag fits EVERYTHING. It’s easy to clean off and fits my MacBook perfectly. I tagged a few other of my favorite travel totes.
Thank you for reading my jet setters!
Have a wonderful day and comment with any questions below.
Your Darling

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