(Fall)ing In Love With This Sweater Weather

Mid-october is absolutely beautiful here on the east coast of Long Island. As the leaves begin to change color, so does our everyday style. We start to add more layers to our everyday outfit, digging up our favorite plaid blanket scarves and our ankle boots for cuteness. I love the transition into darker colors, like deep forest greens, burgundies, blacks and chestnut browns.
My outfit of the day is :
     My fur vest

is from a small boutique, Vanilla Sky in Woodbury, N.Y.

They carry an abundance of adorable trendy layering pieces and different things, which you cannot find in a typical department store.This is my go- to boutique for trendy, affordable fashion on Long Island.

     As for a basic black legging, I personally love my Lululemon Wunder Under III black pants. The thing that I love about this company, is the complimentary hemming for short gals like myself.
     I am wearing the most comfortable bootie of all time, by Steve Madden. The name of this specific boot is the Gilte boot. It seems as though only small sizes are available being that it was a style from last year. You could check Poshmark to see if anyone is selling them for even less. These come in all black, chestnut and deep brown (I confess, I own every color.)
    My sweater is a deep green with a brown elbow patch from Francesca’s Collections. They have adorable sweaters and jewelry for all seasons. Francesca’s tends to have a buy one get one 50% off sale almost every week and you can mix and match clothing, jewelry and shoes. Happy Sweater Weather.



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