My Current Favorite Mascara + Tips for Long Looking Lashes

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My most frequent question that I have been getting recently from y’all is, “Are your lashes real?”

“What mascara do you use?” The answer is yes darlings, my lashes are in fact real. I’ve never had extensions or rarely wear falsies. I never liked them; not sure why. Does this not make me a beauty blogger now? Ha ha. I found ways and tricks to make my lashes look fuller, naturally with the proper care.


“How do you get your eyelashes to look so long and like you have extensions?” Well the truth is; there are a few things that I do to maintain my long lashes. It is definitely a multi-part answer. I think there are a few things such as the products you use, genetics (my dad has the longest lashes), and care. I naturally have thicker hair and full lashes, but I do believe that the mascara I use makes a world of a difference.


I’ve been using the same mascara for years and it was my go-to. That was, until I teamed up with Avon and started using their Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara. This product just launched and I am so excited to be trying it out. I’ve been receiving a ton of compliments lately on my lashes and I swear this mascara has changed my lash game. Their formula and extra fluffy, flexible brush gives my lashes a full look; leaving them volumized. I truly love this mascara and think I now need to stock up on my new ultimate lash fave.


This next step is critically important for a visible lash boost. I just started using Avon’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum and I’m already seeing results. I can’t wait to share a before and after with y’all after the full twelve weeks. I believe that with using both the Serum and the mascara – this combination is ideal to making the lashes look fluffy and long. The serum helps to fill out the lashes, making them look extra voluminous. You guys are going to die when you see my results.


I only share products that I truly love and these two together are a must-have! Be sure to follow along on my lash journey and see the ultimate results of longer and fuller lashes. I can’t believe the difference already.



How to apply mascara for the longest lashes! 

Even though caring for your lashes is important, the way that you apply your mascara can result in the ultimate longest lashes look.


  1. First thing I do, is use the Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum the night before, along with my nighttime care routine. I use one swipe of the serum on my upper lid only. You swipe along the line, as if you were applying a liquid eyeliner. You only need to dip once for both eyes!
  2. When applying mascara the next day, I wiggle the brush from the root of my eyelash, back and forth. I will wiggle the brush from side to side and all the way to the top of my lashes. I then repeat this step.
  3. I like to add a second coat, but I’ll wait a few seconds first before applying. This allows the first coat to settle and dry. The more sticky the better, because this will allow the second layer to add volume; working the lash magic.
  4. For the last application, I will turn the brush parallel allowing the brush to swipe the tips of the lashes. This will add a little extra boost and really makes a smudge of a difference. It gives the lashes bag extra pop!

I’m excited to team up with Avon and be sure to watch my lashes transform. This is going to be a lash journey, and y’all are coming with me for the ride!


Thank you Avon for sponsoring this post, of course all opinions are my own.


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