Soho Grand Extravaganza

      So, many of you know from my Insta-Stories that I surprised Tyler with a surprise  birthday staycation weekend in Soho. I wanted to first off thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes! Tyler sends his love to you all. We stayed for the weekend at, the Soho Grand Hotel. Tyler is very into the trendy and rustic locations, so I knew he would adore it. It exceeded our expectations, more than we ever could have imagined. You know the staycation was successful when you both were tearing up on the last day. Clearly we didn’t want it to end. From the kind and helpful guest service staff to the waitstaff at the restaurant; we were delighted everywhere we went. As soon as we arrived, we were your typical NYC tourists. We wanted the entire New York experience, granted we’ve visited a dozen times.

Continue reading below to see how we celebrated Tyler’s Bday weekend. I could go on for days discussing every little thing we did. We will remember this staycation forever and hold the memories dear to our hearts. Also at the very bottom, you will see the pictures from our rustic shoot. We had a blast and now have beautiful photos to look back on.

         We were lucky enough to have been upgraded to a higher corner room on the 14th floor, being that it was Ty’s birthday. They wanted our stay to be special. They also setup the room romantically with roses and fresh gourmet chocolate truffles for the two of us. I decided to book the couples package which also included free breakfast in bed the next AM, complimentary drinks at the bar & champagne toast for the two of us. It was a beautiful setup for sure.

This is the amazing view we had, at night it was all lit up and we could see all of the huge landmarks clearly. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

We were a little obsessed with the bathroom wallpaper which was decorated with the trendiest wallpaper and handmade crafted candles from the Brooklyn candle maker. Also can we talk about the adorable rustic bikes lined up outside of the hotel? We wish we had the time to rent one. (Question is, do I still remember how to ride a bike?) We also were obsessed with the old fashioned radio that was playing when we entered the room. 

We explored Soho in the afternoon and hit all of T’s favorite stores such as Rag & Bone, All Saints, Topman, Zara & Bloomingdales. We both enjoy shopping together and for each other, so it’s nice to have each other to share those moments with. We had lunch in a small cafe located a few blocks away from the hotel. We didn’t want to eat too much since I made a dinner reservation that evening. We just continued to walk and get lost in the downtown streets of Manhattan and explore new boutiques and cafes. The weather was in the low 70’s as well, so it truly was a perfect day.


For dinner, we went to the Galli Restaurant in Soho on Mercer street. Being Italian, I am always open to trying new restaurants in New York. This one was AMAZING and they also had gluten free pasta for me; which is a big deal for us. Both of our dishes were perfect and we loved that the portions were just the right amount. The only thing we will say is that it was a tad tight in the seating area. There wasn’t much privacy. I of course, had to embarrass Tyler with a little Birthday tune for dessert.

We wanted to use our free drink vouchers so after dinner we visited the Grand Lounge in the lobby for after-dinner drinks, before we made our way to the Roxy hotel (their sister hotel.) Any guest that stays at the Soho Grand is invited to the live jazz concerts in the lobby and cinema showings at the Roxy. We did love the Roxy Hotel but we were so happy with the rustic and quiet vibes at the Grand. We enjoyed the live music and the accommodations at The Roxy.We honestly had the most amazing time. We didn’t want this trip to end but we still had an entire day tomorrow. Little did Tyler know, I was surprising him with a photoshoot in Soho and a shopping trip to  The Woodbury Commons. The next morning we had the most delicious breakfast in bed. The berries were so sweet and fresh. 


And now, here are all of our favorite photos from the shoot! We had a blast! Special thanks to @themusingeye for these shots.


I am wearing my favorite Tularosa tie dress paired with my Dolce Vita block heels. Also, obsessed with this Bishop & Young yellow dress from Scout ANd Molly’s in Woodbury. If you have not visited their store yet, you must go ASAP!


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