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    I know I have been promising you guys with a hair tutorial! I am actually investing in better equipment to make my youtube videos more efficient and better quality! I can’t wait to share with y’all a step by step video on how I get my curls. Below are my FAVORITE products! I first off blow out my hair with the luxe 2i and then going over the waves with the single pass luxe straightener. Yep, I curl my hair with a straightener. I am completely obsessed with t3’s products. I’ve tried so many different curling irons, wands but hated how crimped my hair looked. with he straightener, it gives my hair the big bouncy curls that I love. I ABSOLUTELY recommend the blowdryer as well. For someone who had very thick and long hair, it can take me up to 45 minutes to dry my hair. With the different "type of hair" setting, I finished drying my hair in 15 minutes. I was in SHOCK! I am so excited to continue using their products and try out a few new curling irons as well! All the details are linked below. 

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