The Day I Met My Prince Charming (In -250 degrees)

Hello Darling,


       It has been a few weeks since my latest post. Things quickly became busy with my show opening in South Carolina and my family, as well as Taylor coming to visit. After many rehearsals and long hours of work, the show has finally opened. I am ecstatic to be in the swing of the run and I am truly enjoying the downtime, exploring the beautiful areas of South Carolina. After introducing Taylor on Yourdarlingstyle’s Insta; I received so many Dms asking for me to write a blog post on how we met. Thank you to all of my followers for your encouraging words and love. If you have been following me for a while, then you certainly can recall some of my dating horror stories, heartbreaks and total loss of hope with dating in general. I prayed for my prince charming and searched near and far.

“It was THEN, when I least expected it, even in -250 degrees, Taylor was able to defrost my heart.”

Before leaving for my theatre job, many of you remember how sick I was. I couldn’t get to the bottom of things and had tried many medications, remedies and doctors. Being that I was so ill, I was focused on my health, I was not looking to meet someone at that moment. My mother said to me, “You will meet someone, when you least expect it.” I continued to giggle and roll my eyes; because that seemed to me to be further and further from the truth. My best friend’s mother had recommended I try Cryotherapy, which is a natural healing treatment for injuries, illnesses and asthma/allergies using subzero temperatures. I gave it a shot and met the owner; Taylor. Taylor helped me into the Cryo chamber, where I froze at -250 degrees for about 2 minutes. Basically, you stand in a giant tube-like machine or chamber, which looks similar to a spaceship. Your body is freezing and you are just dancing around in your birthday suit waiting for the few minutes to end. My BFF’s mom introduced us and he had sent me a message before meeting. Not thinking anything of it, we started to text and talk more and more each day. I found myself making quite a few trips to Cryology- for extra treatments. The treatments were actually helping, and little did I know it would repair my broken heart as well.


I was frozen in fear, as my heart has been broken more than once, I was cautious and fearful, yet felt the need to continue our conversations (sometimes staying up all hours of the night.) I couldn’t stop speaking to him and didn’t want our conversations to end, as our connection was immediate and strong. Sometimes when you just know, you know. After our first date, we instantly connected and knew we had something unique, special and worth pursuing. Knowing that we had so little time before I left for SC for two months, we saw each other as much as possible. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. You know when you watch those romcom movies and they show love at first sight; well that’s how I felt about Taylor immediately. Before leaving for contract, Taylor helped me to get my health back into check and assisted me in finding remedies, foods and supplements that would work, as well. He was my saving grace, in more ways than one. I truly feel that God hand-picked Taylor come into my life. Was this a coincidence? I think not.


I dated for a few months after my last heartbreak, but nothing materialized from any of the dates. I was ghosted, ignored, disrespected, and many times I was just left wondering, if there would even be a second date. Something was missing. I was missing that deep, spiritual, soulful connection, and couldn’t find someone who just cared about me for me. I was exhausted from all the superficial conversations and the emptiness I was feeling after the few unsuccessful date attempts. Taylor never made me second- guess one thing and always, ALWAYS lets me know how much I truly mean to him, even from the very beginning. When you find the right man, you will never have to question his feelings or what you mean to him. It will just feel right and meant to be.


Saying goodbye to Taylor for 47 days sounded dreadful. Our adventure and journey was only beginning and we had to put it on “freeze” for a few months. Once I arrived to SC, we joked about how funny it would be, if Taylor came to SC to visit for a few days. “Imagine explaining to our families- Oh hey, we just met, but we are spending a baecation in Paradise.” One week later, Taylor surprised me and booked a 5-day trip to visit me. I actually became tearful; because I didn’t even have to ask him. It was something that he truly wanted to do, and right then and there, I knew how special Taylor was. He was certainly willing to go the extra mile to make ME feel special.


After many FaceTime calls, text messages and snapchats, Taylor finally arrived safely with my MOTHER to visit me. (Taylor and my mother already met at Cryology, where I was receiving treatments.) I was filled with anxious butterflies and worried about how the trip would go. All I can say is that I actually CRIED when he left. Our emotions and connections grew so much stronger and I never truly thought I’d find my better half. God has a mysterious way of working things out when we least expect it and has a beautiful plan for our lives. When I finally trusted him with my journey; blessings began to pour out. I feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world. I FINALLY have found my true love and Prince Charming. Fairytales truly do exist, and although I had to freeze to meet him, Taylor was worth “melting” for.


(Here are some pictures my mother took of us here at the Westin Resort in Hilton Head Island)


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