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Hello Darlings,

       I am cozied up today under the blankets, checking out the last minute holiday sales. I have a few gifts left to buy for the family. I’ve been stuck inside sick for the past few days, so online shopping it shall be. Did anyone else catch this awful bug that is going around? Definitely not the time for me to get sick, being that I had a TON of Holiday content that I was looking forward to creating for you babes. Next week, I shall be on the mend to get in a few last minute Holiday looks!

I am sharing a few of my favorite picks for last minute gifts! Check down below and click the link to directly shop the item. Tis’ the season!






Everything is 25% off- INCLUDING  S A L E!

Francesca’s Spend more & Save/ LOFT (50% off EVERYTHING)


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

        All I want for Christmas is a husband….truth be told that is what I am hoping for. All jokes aside, I am in search of my Prince Charming. I know that in God’s timing, he will appear when I least expect it. If that isn’t something you can find at the North Pole, then can I at least have that YSL bag? I’m sharing a few of my wishlist items with you babes today. It’s truly hard to believe that Christmas is only two weeks away from yesterday. Are you finished shopping for everyone on your list yet? I have a few people left on my list. I am planning on doing one more gift guide this week for last minute stocking stuffers. What’s the one thing you want for Christmas? Comment below!



Gucci Marmont Cardholder || YSL Crossbody || Camel Coat || Madewell Sparkle Booties || Beats By DRE ||Ugg Slippers || Marble iPhone Case || Floral Tory Burch Miller flats || Mistletoe Pillow ||



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