Chasing Grace




Hello Darling,

For With God nothing shall be impossible- Luke 1:37

   Today I am going to get extremely personal with you all. So many of you ask me how, I keep a smile on my face even in the hardest of times. I continue to chase grace. I believe in it, chase it, trust it & be still in it. Trust me, I of course feel emotions because I am human, but I choose to live a positive lifestyle. How you may ask? My faith. Without my faith, I am not sure I would  be able to get through this career, let alone the day. Being an actor, there is a lot of rejection and not feeling worthy enough. I definitely get the question; what does it mean to be “strong in your faith”. To me- faith is the complete trust in someone or something. I have faith in God, that all things work for the better. I trust in him and my faith is strong and dwells within my soul.


Overtime, I realized that there were things that were out of my control. I couldn’t control getting sick at an inconvenient time. I couldn’t control it raining on the day of my photoshoot. I couldn’t control the small things that would go wrong. These situations and instances are out of our hands. It wasn’t until this past year that I truly needed to rely on God for strength and peace. I went through a personal relationship break-up that was far worse than any breakup I’ve experienced. I was completely heart-broken. I felt lost, but it was then that I realized that I didn’t have to be. It was then, that I had no choice but to rely on my faith to keep me strong and able to move on with my life. This does not mean, I don’t have bad days and struggle with this way of living, but it has changed my life. Now, I don’t necessarily mean…I have to go to church every Sunday, I’m saying that I was able to trust in God. (Although, I do enjoy some Hillsong church!) I soon realized that things fall out of place, because he has a better plan for my life. This was not easy for me to understand. When I finally did, it just clicked. I noticed a lot of my everyday worries and fears disappeared. I felt like a new woman. I accepted that God put me in this season to help me grow and grow my relationship with him. Being a type A, perfectionist woman, I was constantly trying to perfect and set up my fate. I then realized that I could no longer do that to myself. I needed to rest and be still.

There were times in my life that God really worked miracles and put me in situations to lead me to the next bigger and better thing. I’ve seen situations in my career, relationships, health and even college. I am thankful that I have the relationship I have with God and that I am able to confidently say that faith is my everything. I definitely find that when I start my day off with prayer or even play my favorite Hillsong album I am off to an amazing start. I also enjoy reading my Daily Devotionals in “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young. I know that I will find a man that will encourage me, be inspired by it and fully love me for all that I love and all that I am.



    There are times when I may look like I have it all together on Instagram, but I am a human being and sometimes I just have to laugh at the silly moments where I would take myself way too seriously. I always say laugh at yourself, it’s good for your soul. I choose to chase grace. I will continue to run after it, secure it in my soul, rest in it and believe in it with all of my heart. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith.” (Ephesians 2:8-10)



Here are a few things that I remind myself daily and may help you stay positive and trust your fate:


  1. You are loved – John 3:16
  2. You are beautiful- Psalm 139
  3. You are STRONG- Psalm 28:7
  4. You are confident-  Philippians 4:13



Spring Picks!

Hey Babes,


    Are you east coast babes ready for the snow this weekend?
I don’t know about you, but I will be taking advantage of the storm and do a little online shopping. So excited to share with you some of my favorite Spring items! I am all about light pink and pastel floral prints this season. As you all know, mauve is my favorite color. Just click the link of the item to shop some of my favorite items that came out this spring. Also there are some amazing sales happening this weekend!


Nordstrom: Up to 40% off Winter Sale!

Express: 30% off All women’s dresses!

Urban Outfitters: 40% off all women’s intimates & lounge

Loft: 40% off women’s sale






10 Cringe-Worthy Things Women Hate When Dating

Dear Men,

Us ladies, thought it was time that we speak up and share our thoughts, frustrations and disappointments in dating recently. It is difficult enough, with swiping, liking and bumbling; don’t make it harder for us. Here are ten cringe- worthy facts women can’t stand through out the dating process and sometimes we don’t even get to the date!

1. GHOSTING- This is my number one pet peeve, it’s actually almost to a point, where it’s becoming way too familiar.
Listen it’s one thing if you’re working or busy etc., but I work two jobs and balance a lot of things in my life. To show actual interest in a woman and then disappear without some sort of explanation stating you’re not interested, is just not acceptable. Leave the disappearing act for magicians. Especially with online dating, ghosting has become the new norm. If I had conversation with someone for a few weeks I would at least have the class and decency to explain why it wouldn’t work out.

2.  BACHELOR TO BE– Saying you were going to be a BACHELOR contestant but “suddenly dropped out. “ this doesn’t sound or make you look more attractive. Unless you are Ben Higgins, this is not something we look for.

3. KID-WIFE FREE LIFE– Simply stating you don’t want marriage or kids after 4 weeks of talking. I mean don’t we think that’s an important factor, especially when dating in your late 20 s or 30s.

4. ANTI-WOMAN– Negatively putting down women or saying we all “suck.” I mean the fact that you’re negatively speaking about women that way leads me to believe you would just say the same to me.
Women want a positive, Charming man. Believe us, men aren’t too perfect either. We all experience different things when dating, but trust me there are some special women out there.

5. PULLING A DISAPPEARANCE ACT– Stating you would like to go on a date every week, but never ask. If you aren’t interested in dating just say so. We don’t care, we just would like to know, so that way we can move on and forward.

6. DITCHER– Canceling a date the day of or not showing up. This is just the biggest disappointment. Goes to show us that you wouldn’t follow through with things in the future.

7. CONTROLLER– Controlling the relationship and creating rules. Saying we can’t text or telling me I’m walking to0 loudly on my feet? Women- RUN if he criticizes your walking. No one wants a controlling man. A relationship is about compromise not criticizing on the way we walk.

8. PHONEPHOBE– When a man says he can’t talk on the telephone… I get it, social media is a huge thing today but a woman would appreciate an old fashioned phone call. How can you build a connection via text message?

9. GROUP-DATE– Dating your friends and not you.  Come on dude, we’re not going on the group date on the Bachelor. Taking your date to a beer garden for the second date and invite 10 male friends to join is not cool. We don’t want to date your friends. We want to date you. Now I’m not saying we can’t hang with the bros in the future, but how can we truly get to know you, if we’re watching you and your male bros chug beers?

10. SECOND CHOICE GIRL–  Being second choice. No woman wants to be your second choice and or have you tell her that. Ghosting a woman after wonderful conversation and disappearing, makes no sense. Then months later, you text her and say that you are interested again….coming out of the blue. Then you disappear AGAIN, after asking for a second chance. Also adding in the fact that you dated someone else but it didn’t work out.  You just don’t do that.

Dating is not what it used to be and I feel for you all. We want that old fashioned romance, that we’ve watched our parents and grandparents have. Stay patient, he’s out there. Although it may not seem like he is right now; he will come when you least expect it.

Listen men,
We know that there are a few good ones out there. So where are you all hiding? I hope these tips explain our frustration and confusion.

With Love,
All of the single ladies out there!

(Please note these all may or may not have happened to me 😉


Valentine’s Day Outfit/Decor Inspo

Hey Babes,

   As promised I put together my favorite Valentine’s Day outfits. Whether you are going out with your girlfriends or you have a special date with BAE; these looks are perfect. Sharing a few home decor items that I’ve recently purchased and loving. Feel free to comment with any V-Day outfit advice!







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