Kennebunkport Travel Guide

Hello Darlings,


     As promised, here is the ultimate guide to Kennebunkport (the place to be all year.) Taylor and I truly had the most beautiful time there in the most quaint, darling and unique town to visit. This little town is filled with antique charm and lovely inns ( our favorite is the Grand Hotel!) We are so excited to share some of our favorite spots and things to do while visiting KPT. This is one of our most memorable trips. We spent about four days there and we were able to get in all of the attractions, shopping and dining we wanted to do. We enjoyed our evening walks the most, alongside the dock on our night walks back to The Grand Hotel; eating our delicious ice cream.


      We stayed at the charming Grand Hotel located on Chase Hill road, just steps into the beautiful village. You will find all of the popular restaurants, shopping and the BEST LOBSTER ROLL just steps outside of the hotel. I think the Grand Hotel was in one of the best locations in the town because almost everything was steps from the hotel. The Grand offers so many lovely amenities such as, complimentary bikes to ride in town and to the beach. This was so convenient, being that the parking was limited near Gooch’s Beach. They offer light bites in the morning, which was right up Taylor’s alley. He LOVED heading to the lobby every morning for a small bite to eat. This is great because it gave me enough time to get ready before we headed to Breakfast.

     We stayed in the Grand King suite which was decorated in rich and warm gold tones with saffron accents. It was clean, climate controlled and comfortable. Taylor’s favorite part, was the heated floors in the bathroom. It also included a huge stand up shower. We enjoyed having breakfast every morning, on our mini private deck which overlooked the lower village and marina of Kennebunkport. We were so in love with the Grand’s location in the heart of the their “downtown area.” We conveniently could walk to everything we needed to. The guest services were absolutely spectacular. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied and enjoying our stay. They recommended restaurants for dinner and things to do. One of our favorite restaurants that the concierge recommended was, The Boathouse.

The grand also offers complimentary kayak, canoe, and paddle board rentals from the Kennebunkport Marina. I have never been on a Canoe/kayak before and Taylor and I rented a double seat kayak from the marina. It was one of our favorite moments from the trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful river and sightseeing a few miles down. We were so appreciative that the hotel offered free rentals.










Other amenities include, free champagne upon arrival, beach parking permits, complimentary shuttle service to other sister hotels and restaurants, beach cruiser bikes, complimentary beach chairs and towels, a pantry stocked with complete snacks, games, magazines & more, infused water/ coffee available all day, curated art through out the hotel, and complimentary parking. Besides the unique charm of the hotel; there were a lot of amenities included, which made our stay worthwhile. I cannot recommend the Grand enough. We plan on returning next summer and look forward to another beautiful stay. Be sure to scroll through some more photos of the hotel down below! I mean, how charming is it?

    Obsessing over the charming and elegant lobby!









(We of course needed a mini photoshoot on our own Deck overlooking the town!)





We shot these photos on the deck of our private balcony! it was our favorite photo spot. We are so grateful for the memories and our stay with The Grand. This is our number 1 hotel when visiting Maine and we look forward to returning!




Where do I even begin with restaurants? There are so many options. We took a few steps out of our front door and we were provided with many options to dine at.

Breakfast :

   We loved grabbing egg omelettes and bacon from H.B. Provisions which was across the street from The Grand Hotel. We would grab breakfast to go and bring it back to our porch and eat together. We recommend getting the lemon blueberry whoopee pies for dessert. I think Taylor had one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We attempted to grab breakfast from All Day Breakfast on the way home, but there was about an hour long wait.


   We occasionally would skip lunch to save room for dinner, but I loved grabbing my favorite: turkey lettuce wraps from Old Salt’s Pantry. This is perfect, if you want to grab sandwiches to bring to the beach. Federal Jack’s, is a great American restaurant to sit down and enjoy a nice lunch over-looking the marina. I had the steak and Taylor had the calamari and it was wonderful! If you are wanting to grab something quick, then head to the Clam Shack for fresh lobster and more.


   We ate at the Boathouse and absolutely loved the atmosphere and vibe of this restaurant. The Boathouse is also  a sister hotel to The Grand! The portions were great and their waitstaff was lovely. Boathouse is extremely accommodating with food allergies. Being that I have a gluten allergy, they put my French fries in a separate fryer. Taylor had a tuna poke bowl and raved over it for the next few days. We also made a reservation for the Kennebunkport Inn, at the Burleigh restaurant. Our dinner was tasty and loved the atmosphere of it’s location. We only had one complaint and that was the 100 mosquitos that ate us alive during dinner. The waiter was nice enough to bring us a bottle of bug-spray! They even brought us complimentary desert wine for our anniversary. 


    Taylor is 100% recommending all of the dessert places to eat at, considering he tried almost all of them. His favorite was the Candyman, because of their amazing chocolate covered twinkies. For ice cream, Taylor loved Maxims Desserts, which was located inside of a food truck. Taylor got a strawberry rhubarb pie ice cream cone from Maxim’s and raved over it. If you have a peanut/nut allergy, Ben & Jerry’s offers a peanut/nut free ice cream option. It was delicious and I felt safe eating it. If you are a donut lover like myself, you must go to Satellite Donuts for the most amazing flavors and mini donuts.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Candyman!



Things To Do:


  1. You must visit the Kennebunkport Beaches. The water is absolutely beautiful and the surrounding homes are so elegant and charming to see. We were lucky enough to have a beach parking pass, since we were staying at The Grand.  We visited Gooch’s Beach, which was a mile from our hotel room.
  2. You can rent Kayaks, Canoes and Paddle Boards from the Kennebunkport Marina. If you stay at The Grand Hotel, you will recieve complimentary rentals all day everyday.
  3. Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Luckily,there were enough dessert spots to continue feeding Taylor while I shopped! Just when you think, you’ve hit the end of the town there are more shops. Taylor and I enjoyed visiting the unique, vintage shops. Each store had it’s own unique charm and feel to it. We loved visiting the thrift stores. 
  4. Tours- The town offered numerous types of tours. You could take the adorable Trolley for $16 per person and ride through the town. You can also do a whale watching boat tour/lobster tour. All of the boat tours can be purchased, at the Marina next to Maxim’s Desserts! We didn’t have the chance to do a boat tour, but everyone raved over the whale-watching tour. If you wanted to skip the tour, you could always head to the bridge and take a walk alongside the Marina. 
  5. Scooter Rental– This was the highlight of our trip. We enjoyed every second riding along the ocean’s coast. This was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced. I LOVED every second of it. It was $55.00 for three hours. 
  6. Horse & Carriage Ride- I’m not entirely sure how much this would have been, but it looked so lovely. 
  7. If you have a few minutes of your day, you should ride the scooter to Saint Anne’s Cathedral church. The architecture was absolutely exquisite. 



   We truly had the time of our lives and made beautiful memories that we shall cherish forever. Returning to Kennebunkport is definitely on our agenda. KPT is charming, elegant with a pinch of salty air. See you again soon Kennebunkport!


(This post is sponsored by The Grand Hotel, Kennebunkport Maine. Of course all opinions are my own.) 


Topshop Dresses For Summer Occasions

Hello Darlings,

   As summer begins to wind down; I have found myself wearing a dress everyday. Of course I still wear dresses in the Fall, but there is nothing like summer floral dresses. I recently teamed up with Topshop and picked out a few cute pieces that I loved. I can’t even believe how cute these vintage floral dresses are. For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know my obsession with floral patterns. I love shopping at Topshop because I feel that they have such a wide variety of dress styles, that cover all types of occasions. I am all about midi dresses and flowy babydoll dresses this summer.

Take a look down below to see how I styled two of my faves!  You know me, I am all about comfort. These dresses are so comfortable, I could dance the night away. 

 Thank you to Topshop for sponsoring this post; of course all opinions are my own.


[If you shop using my Stylinity Topshop promo page you will receive 20% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE for all students!]


Also, be sure to check out their Dresses style page for style tips!



Dress One – Linen Floral Pinafore Dress

I am obsessing over this beauty. A few of my favorite details are the cute buttons on the top section of the dress, the tie at the waist and the slits up the side of the dress. With longer dresses, I tend to have an issue with length, but this midi was a perfect fit. For size reference, I am wearing a size 2! I think this piece is amazing because you can really dress it up or down. I wore this to my best friend’s mother’s 50th birthday party. I got so many questions on this dress through out the night. I was able to dance the night away and eat cake without feeling like my dress would pop. I highly recommend this one ladies!


Linen Floral Dress- click here


        Dress Two-  Mix Floral Print Bardot Dress


This little cutie is perfect for a day out east in the Hamptons or a brunch dress. It’s light, easy to style and super comfortable for the hot, August summer days. I wore this babydoll dress to brunch in Southampton with my mom and forgot I even had a dress on. You guys, it seriously was that comfortable. I am so excited to bring this on my trip to Maine. I would say you could wear this to dinner and wear it casually with cute white sneakers and a sunhat. This dress is definitely more casual than the pinafore style, but it is versatile as well. The options to style, are endless!


Mix Floral Print Bardot Dress- click here



 Dress Three- Petite Printed button mini dress


   This little petite dress is the absolute perfect and casual piece to wear if you are going out casually. It is so comfortable and light (perfect for NYC Indian Summer days). I also am a huge fan of the petite sizing. I think it is the perfect little cotton dress. I plan on wearing this in the fall as well as a transitional piece. Pair it with a light denim jacket and cute sneakers!

Click here for dress


My Current Favorite Mascara + Tips for Long Looking Lashes

Hello Darlings,


My most frequent question that I have been getting recently from y’all is, “Are your lashes real?”

“What mascara do you use?” The answer is yes darlings, my lashes are in fact real. I’ve never had extensions or rarely wear falsies. I never liked them; not sure why. Does this not make me a beauty blogger now? Ha ha. I found ways and tricks to make my lashes look fuller, naturally with the proper care.


“How do you get your eyelashes to look so long and like you have extensions?” Well the truth is; there are a few things that I do to maintain my long lashes. It is definitely a multi-part answer. I think there are a few things such as the products you use, genetics (my dad has the longest lashes), and care. I naturally have thicker hair and full lashes, but I do believe that the mascara I use makes a world of a difference.


I’ve been using the same mascara for years and it was my go-to. That was, until I teamed up with Avon and started using their Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara. This product just launched and I am so excited to be trying it out. I’ve been receiving a ton of compliments lately on my lashes and I swear this mascara has changed my lash game. Their formula and extra fluffy, flexible brush gives my lashes a full look; leaving them volumized. I truly love this mascara and think I now need to stock up on my new ultimate lash fave.


This next step is critically important for a visible lash boost. I just started using Avon’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum and I’m already seeing results. I can’t wait to share a before and after with y’all after the full twelve weeks. I believe that with using both the Serum and the mascara – this combination is ideal to making the lashes look fluffy and long. The serum helps to fill out the lashes, making them look extra voluminous. You guys are going to die when you see my results.


I only share products that I truly love and these two together are a must-have! Be sure to follow along on my lash journey and see the ultimate results of longer and fuller lashes. I can’t believe the difference already.



How to apply mascara for the longest lashes! 

Even though caring for your lashes is important, the way that you apply your mascara can result in the ultimate longest lashes look.


  1. First thing I do, is use the Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum the night before, along with my nighttime care routine. I use one swipe of the serum on my upper lid only. You swipe along the line, as if you were applying a liquid eyeliner. You only need to dip once for both eyes!
  2. When applying mascara the next day, I wiggle the brush from the root of my eyelash, back and forth. I will wiggle the brush from side to side and all the way to the top of my lashes. I then repeat this step.
  3. I like to add a second coat, but I’ll wait a few seconds first before applying. This allows the first coat to settle and dry. The more sticky the better, because this will allow the second layer to add volume; working the lash magic.
  4. For the last application, I will turn the brush parallel allowing the brush to swipe the tips of the lashes. This will add a little extra boost and really makes a smudge of a difference. It gives the lashes bag extra pop!

I’m excited to team up with Avon and be sure to watch my lashes transform. This is going to be a lash journey, and y’all are coming with me for the ride!


Thank you Avon for sponsoring this post, of course all opinions are my own.


This is available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative visit

 For lash serum: click here

 For mascara :  click here

To check out the collection : click here





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