Hello Darling, Happy Tuesday shoe day! I am so excited to round up and share some of my favorite fall shoes. I am not going to lie, I went a little shoe crazy this season. Target, had the cutest and affordable mules. I swear every time I walk in, I leave with a new pair. Fall is probably my favorite season to shop for; especially in the shoe department. Give me all the over-the-knee boots and sock booties. I’ve been getting so many Dm’s from y’all, so I figured I better do a shoe post. I am a firm believer, if you have a few pairs staple boots you can mix and match with any pieces in your wardrobe.

It’s so simple to shop, just click on the pair of shoes to shop! I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see next on the blog? Would you enjoy to see a round-up of all my favorite fall staples? Comment below what you would like to see next. I am about to watch This is Us and I canNOT wait! Have a great rest of your week darlings. Xo, M



How To Style A Bar Cart W/O Alcohol

Hello Darling,


   For those of you who have been following me from the beginning, know that I do not drink alcohol. Give me all the sugar and hot chocolate LOL! There are so many cute ways to style a bar cart, booze free. You will see Bar carts everywhere and they are quickly becoming the latest home decor trend. I recently added one in our bedroom, to give the space more of a trendy, chic vibe. I was originally going to use it as a nightstand, but now use it for my holiday decor area.



         This circular bar cart is SO trendy and priced very reasonably. To be honest, when I googled “bar carts”, this was one of the first pieces that came up. I IMMEDIATELY fell in LOVE. I think the rustic gold and circular design gives it a cute vintage vibe. I plan on changing the decor each month to correspond with the current holiday season. Right now, it is decorated for Halloween/Thanksgiving. This “Fall inspired” bar cart will give you all of the fall, cozy vibes. Call me basic, but this is pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Shop Bar Carts:

A Few More Ideas On How To Style A Bar Cart:

  • use as a nightstand
  • use as a coffee table
  • use as a birthday celebration table
  • use as a station for a bridal shower or event
  • use in the bathroom for decor and or storage
  • use as a hot coco bar (my personal favorite)
  • use as your office display table

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Lash Journey Ft. Avon

Hello Darling,
Back in August, I shared my lash secrets and tips on how to keep them long and healthy. Over the past few months, I have kept track of the progression of my eyelash appearance after using AVON’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes. I also started using Avon True Color Love at 1stLash Mascara; which is the perfect mascara to accentuate your lashes. Starting in July, I began my lash journey and I am ecstatic with the results. I have been looking for the perfect routine, besides my everyday vitamin supplement. It’s important to treat your lashes, as you would with your hair and skin.
    Avon’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes helps to make the eyelashes look fuller, healthier and longer in a short amount of time. I noticed significant changes in the first several weeks. I’ve tried all of the eyelash serums and this is my new ULTIMATE favorite and secret to lash care. I had the biggest issue with finding a serum that I could use, that did not contain any form of nuts/nut oils. The combination of the peptides and botanicals had my lashes looking longer in just one month! I have received so many compliments on my lashes in the past few weeks; a woman in Nordstrom even asked me if I wore extensions! I’ve always had longer, natural lashes, but the AVON Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes now provides a dramatic and fuller look. It is so easy to use, you apply a thin layer lining the lash along the lash line. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and that it is applied at nighttime. The best part, is that you can also use it on your eyebrows. Using the serum on my eyebrows has made them look longer and fuller, giving me that Brooke Shields look. This is a MUST-have serum. I swear by this and it is the ultimate secret to my long, fluffy- looking lashes. With its hypoallergenic formula and blend of botanicals, it will leave your lashes feeling healthier and fuller. If you do use – I would love for you to tag me in your lash journey!

(Take a Look at my journey every few weeks. You will notice significant changes in the lashes. )




In combination with the serum, I also use Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara by Avon. It is easy to apply and the shape of the brush accentuates the natural and fuller lash.


How to apply mascara for the longest lashes!

The way that you apply your mascara can result in the ultimate longest lashes look.

  1. First thing I do, is use the Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes serum the night before, along with my nighttime care routine. I use one swipe of the serum on my upper lid only. You swipe along the line, as if you were applying a liquid eyeliner. You only need to dip once for both eyes!
  2. When applying mascara the next day, I wiggle the brush from the root of my eyelash, back and forth. I will wiggle the brush from side to side and all the way to the top of my lashes. I then repeat this step.
  3. I like to add a second coat, but I’ll wait a few seconds first before applying. This allows the first coat to settle and dry. The more sticky the better, because this will allow the second layer to add volume; working the lash magic.
  4. For the last application, I will turn the brush parallel allowing the brush to swipe the tips of the lashes. This will add a little extra boost and really makes a smudge of a difference. It gives the lashes bag extra pop!

Thank you Avon for sponsoring this post, of course all opinions are my own.

Here are my final results at twelve weeks! Please note I am wearing Mascara!




This is available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative visit avon.com.

For the Full set: click here

For mascara :  click here

For the serum: click here


Here’s One more before and after for you!


Check out my before and after. (notice how much longer and fuller they look on the right!)







10 Pumpkin Picking Instagram Captions

Hello Darling,


   Well it’s about that time of year already….pumpkin picking time! I have to be honest with y’all and say that I’ve been to the farm twice already, going a third time tomorrow. I am as basic as it gets. The autumn season is one of my favorites because of the cool crisp air and the color change of leaves. Give me the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! I wanted to share a few captions and give you a little Fall Inspo. I also attached a few autumn outfits for some ideas, when hitting the farms this weekend. If you are headed out East for the weekend, then you must visit Waterdrinker Farms. It is located at 663 Wading River Road on Long Island. From baby goats, to an enormous sunflower field; they have it all. This is one of my new favorite Fall spots.

Happy Fall captioning!

  1. “Pumpkin Kisses & Harvest Wishes” ( This caption is SO cute and I used it for the picture below.)

Dress xs//Sneakers 6//Hat

2.     “Give em Pumpkin to talk about…..”

(This caption is for my confident sassy pumpkins out there) I used it for this photo below.)

Sweater sm//Skirt 25//Tank xxs


3. “You better beLEAF it” – Well you better because this caption is top

Jacket from Last year- similar tagged here

3. “Totally Fallin For you” (This is so cute if you want to post a cute pic with bae. This one is extremely baesic.


4. “Trick or’ Treat yourself” (Want to show off that new Fall look? This is the perfection caption for my fashionistas



5. “The only thing getting ‘lit’ this weekend are my fall scented candles.” (This one is for my homebodies. I know I’m a grandma on the weekends.)

Fur Sherpa


  6.“Oh my gourd I love fall.” 


7. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice.” – (Cute, clever and basic for sure.)


8.“I’m here for the boos.” (I plan on using this for my bar cart photos; even though I don’t drink.)

9. “You are the pick of the patch” (Stick bae in a field of pumpkins.)

Shoes//Leggings// Jacket


10. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s maple leaves.” (This is gold, just saying.)



11. “Hate to be corny, but…” ( I mean wasn’t this entire blog post, corny?) LOL







Fall Basics

Hello Darling,


   As promised, I rounded up my favorite Fall basics. I’ve been on the hunt for some basic tops and sweaters to add to my closet. My closet consists of a lot of staple and statement pieces. It is no secret that 75% of my closet, consists of statement jackets and sweaters. I’ve noticed that, taupes, burnt orange, cream colors and prints are all the rave this season. I’ve been seeing a lot of striped rugby type tops as well. MY favorite top in my round up is the crew button front top from American Eagle. It comes in a few colors and is SO comfortable. I ordered a size medium, that way I can wear it a little oversized with leggings. Cute and comfy > uncomfortable and chic is how I’ve been feeling this Fall. What about you guys? Do you feel that you’ve been dressing, cute and comfy or uncomfortable/ chic?





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