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So I shared my recent American eagle purchases on stories today. It is so convenient because they are offering 30% off online only! This sale will end tonight…so SHOP QUICKLY babes.

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StayCay At The Ludlow- LES

Hello Darling,

    Happy Thursday, we are SO close to the weekend. Can I get an amen? I am SO excited to give you more of an inside look at our stay The Ludlow Hotel. We had such a beautiful time celebrating Valentine’s Day and would definitely return. Mr. Darling LOVED it! From the beautiful room views to the unbelievable staff, we were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations and vibes of The Ludlow. We were greeted at the door immediately, with such a warm and inviting welcome. If y’all watched my stories that morning, then you know this was much needed.


As soon as we arrived we found parking directly across the street from the hotel. It is a 24 hour parking garage and we paid $55 for 24 hours; which is typical NYC pricing. Immediately upon approaching the hotel, Mr. Darling said , ” OMG KATZ deli is across and street….wait and BLACKTAP NYC.”  Taylor was one happy happy man. We LOVE the shakes at Black tap. We actually were planning on going to Serafina for dinner, but Mr. Darling wanted Katz Deli. We cancelled dinner and had a little picnic by the floor-to ceiling window in our room. We took in the beautiful view from our high 14th floor room and had a yummy feast. The surrounding area had SO many restaurants to choose from and the perfect instagram-worthy photo ops. We found so many cute boutiques and fun picture spots for the gram. This wall was one block up from the hotel. Mr. Darling spotted it the next morning, after running out to grab morning coffee. It is one of my FAVE Yourdarlingstyle shots yet! Shout out to Taylor for finding this location! We were so happy and content with the location and surrounding area of The Ludlow.


The perfect wall for the GRAM! This was just steps outside of The Ludlow!





Can we talk about how happy he is? LOL Clearly in all his glory with all of this meat…ha ha. The next morning he asked if he could go back for a tongue sandwich. We would take a small romantic casual dinner over a fancy, long sit-down anyway. Our conversations and peaceful night was all we could have asked for that night. Also, the view, made it ALL worth it.

Our Room

  When we first arrived to our room on the 12th floor, we noticed a weird and strong cologne scent. I have very bad allergies and sensitivities to scents, so I immediately called the front desk. Within seconds, staff knocked on our door with new keys and agreed with us that there was a strong odor. We were then brought up to the 14th floor with an even higher view. No odor and clean as can be! Our first impression of the room was how small it was. I have stayed at numerous hotels in New York and this was TINY for the price and two people. If you are traveling alone; then this room is perfect. I suggest staying in the KING sized room and not the queen studio for two people. We were cozy and comfortable and laughed it off, but it was a tight space for Mr. Darling and I. Our favorite part of the room, was the gorgeous marble bathroom. This bathroom was major #bloggergoals . Honestly, Tay was saying I should have brought more things to shoot in that bathroom because the lighting and aesthetic was THAT good. The bathtub had antique hardware and a view of the city skyline. It was romantic, relaxing and everything we had wanted. Mr. Darling asked if he could sleep in the tub LOL!







Rose all day..
So peaceful and beautiful…






















Our favorite thing about the hotel- was the aesthetic and vibe. The lounge area is surrounded by young people in their 20s socializing and having a drink by the bar. The nightlife was awesome. They had a fire going and it was so cozy and chill. We also loved that we had access to the rooftop. It was such an awesome view and we got some wonderful photos! Another cool thing, was that the rooftop had a side door to get into the gym. They also have a restaurant with French-chic vibes with a dash of American, called Dirty French. This hotel has everything you could possibly ask for in NYC. They even brought me up hypoallergenic sheets for the bed.



This is the entrance to the hotel restaurant, “DIRTY FRENCH.”



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SPRING FEVER- Vaycay must-haves

Hello Darling,

   This winter storm has me DREAMING of Spring break. I currently have Spring Fever and wishing for warmer days ahead. I’ll take a nice 75 degree day over snow, any day. However, I am grateful for the snow day to cuddle up and get work done. I am taking advantage of this cozy, snuggly day to round up some of my favorite things for spring and vacation. Just click each item to shop.





Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

Hello Darling,

   This week, I received so many DMs  asking me to round up some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your man. Now; I’d be kidding if I said I have Mr. Darling’s Valentine’s Day gift ready…I clearly do not. I think I have made my final decision on what I am getting, today. Below are Mr. Darling approved Valentine’s Day gifts; so y’all know these are good picks.  On another note, I picked up my final samples of my line! I am OVERFLOWING with excitement. Things are about to get so real and SO BUSY!


  1. Scrapbook with InstaX fujifilm Printer and stickers. Okay, so I showed y’all this idea on my stories this week. This has been a HIT! I just bought a blank notebook from Michaels and printed our photos from my phone using my Insta fujifilm printer on polaroid paper. This is a cute, vintage and sentimental idea for you and your man. 
  2. Puzzles and Board Games- How cute would it be to make a basket of his favorite games and a puzzle to work on together. Mr. Darling and I are very into Clue and Trouble right now.This is perfect for a date night in!
  3. Duffle Bag and matching backpack-I love the brand Herschel. I bought Taylor this for XMAS and he LOVES LOVES it. It’s great for work, travel and everyday.
  4. Video Game- Mr. Darling is DYING for the new Disney Kingdom of Hearts Game…..hint hint Meghan lol 
  5. Sports Tickets and Jersey to a game of his choice- This is such a thoughtful and the perfect experience gift idea.
  6. Nike Joggers and Sneakers to match- I mean you can’t go wrong with Nike…
  7. Record Player with a hand written note inside saying you owe him a home cooked meal and wine with music.
  8. Slippers- Ugg makes the BEST slippers for men. These are great for the homebody and weekend cuddles.
  9. Hot Sauce Making Kit- This is the COOLEST thing for your man if he LOVES to cook. I know this will be a hit with Taylor. Shhh don’t tell him. It’s too too cool not to share with y’all.
  10. Engraved Watch- If your man works corporate or always on the go, this is the PERFECT idea for him. Engrave your anniversary date on the back or initials. Such a cute idea and a timeless classic ;).


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