Sneaker Obsession + How I Style Them

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. As ya’ll know my obsession with sneakers are next level. I own way too many pairs. My favorite way to style sneakers are with skirts and dresses. Last year, I would have laughed in the mirror, trying on sneakers with my midi skirts. Now, it’s my full uniform. I think this is a fun and casual way to mix up the sneaker game. I am sharing my favorite sneakers with ya’ll. They will range from $60-500! Styling sneakers can be fun and I HIGHLY encourage wearing them with things you wouldn’t typically think to! Wearing sneakers with dresses & skirts make the sneaker-look, appear dressier. Let’s get kickin’ shall we šŸ˜‰ My jokes will never get old..hehe

These are my current 2019 faves. I have a sneaker obsession..clearly.
See how you can dress down a dress with a cute pair of sneakers?
I used to laugh when I would try to pair sneakers with a dress or midi skirt. Now, it’s all I wear. This is my Fall uniform.
Linking my favorite Fall 2019 sneakers below. To shop each item just click the sneaker. Comment below your favorite way to style trendy sneakers.


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