2018: B E H O L D

      Happy New Year to all of the beautiful friends here on YDS. I love this little community we have created. I am finally taking the time to sit down today and write my 2018 Goals. To be honest, this was not an easy task to complete. Did I think that I would be in a different place in my life? Absolutely, 100%. I did learn a lot; despite it being one of the hardest years of my life. I was challenged with things I never thought would be and faced many hardships, as we all do. Through all of the heartbreak, physical pain and health struggles; I fought and continued to believe with a great deal of hope in my heart. Despite those things, I did make a lot of beautiful memories and reached goals I never thought would happen. As I walk into the new year; the word B E H O L D; speaks a great deal to me.

    Behold is to see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one). To me; I will observe God and love him for all of the blessings he will bring into my life in 2018.  I can’t look back at 2017 with regret and feel fearful of what’s to come.  I will observe and watch things fall into place. My path is already figured out; and the best part is to watch it unfold. There is so much on the horizon and so much ahead of us. To me it’s like, behold; stand along and be amazed.



Here are a few of my Goals for the New Year that I will share with you:


  1. Join Actor’s Equity Association. For those of you who are not familiar with what AEA is. It is the actor’s union. I am about one long contract away from completing the Equity Membership Candidate program. I am so close and if I book one more equity regional theatre; I will finally get my card. This is something I’ve been working really hard toward accomplishing.
  2. Be Gentle with myself. We all are hard on ourselves. Whether it’s because we ate that extra cookie, or we messed up a huge audition; or maybe we did something to ruin a relationship with a person. Be kinder and more gentle with yourself. You are human and you are not perfect. I know for me, perfectionism has lived with me, through my life. I am going to do the best I can to let that go this year. Time to take care of m e and know that I am already enough as I am.
  3. Reach fitness goals. I think we all can agree on this one. I want 2018 to be the year that I reach my ultimate fitness goal. I want to work the hardest and sweat the most I’ve ever sweated. I started the BBG program and I WILL finish it. I plan to work out every single day with only one day off per week.
  4. Take TV/Film Classes. Now that I have signed with an agent for Television; I want to focus on taking classes and bettering my craft.
  5. L e t   G o.  This is NOT the easiest goal on my list but it’s one that needs to happen. In a way, I think that we all struggle with letting go of the past. Whether someone hurt you deeply or you had a situation that affected your life- we struggle with letting go. I am going to work on letting go of something, that is standing in the way of moving on. Life is too short to dwell on the past. Instead look forward to a brighter and beautiful future.
  6. Rely on my Faith. For those of you that have been following me for a while, know how important my faith is to me. I will go to church more on Sundays or take the time to study the word and journal. I will not lose sight of “him” and continue to make him the focal point of my life.
  7. Launch YDS beauty. I have been saying it for a while now but I WILL launch YDS Youtube channel. I’ve received a ton of tutorial requests and would LOVE to launch it for you guys.
  8. Patience. They say patience is a virtue. I will wait patiently rather than figure out what’s to come. There is no way we can prepare or plan for what’s about to come. I will sit with patience and excitement.
  9. Explore. I want to go on more adventures and explore more beautiful places outdoors.
  10. Fall in love. This is not something that I thought I would be writing down as a 2018 goal. But, I want and would like to find love again. I want to be vulnerable and open up my heart..again. Just allowing God to bring the right one into my life. If it’s not with someone; I want to fall in love with my life, the people that are in it and the things that bring me joy.


These are just a few of my goals. Thanks for getting personal with me and I would love to hear about some of your goals! Comment below with your top 2! Happy 2018 and B E H O L D what’s to come.





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Hey Darlings,

It’s hard to believe that twenty-six years of my life have gone by. I am truly blessed and fortunate, for the life I have lived so far. I have experienced moments and visited places, I’ve only dreamed of going to. I’ve met so many incredible people and I have the most wonderful, healthy family. Being given the opportunity to pursue my dreams and live them every single day, is a blessing. I can’t thank YOU all enough for your constant love and support on this journey.  I pray and thank God every single evening for the life I have been given. For this special Birthday post, I decided to share 26 fun facts about me. Thank you for sharing another year of my life with me. Here’s to the next 26!




  1. For my first fact; which most of you know already – I graduated college with a B.F.A in Musical Theatre and perform regionally!
  2. I am OBSESSED with anything flavored cotton candy! From ice cream to drinks; I’ll take anything cotton candy flavored. 
  3. I can imitate any Disney Princess’ voice and/or Judy Garland!
  4. I have never swam in the ocean!
  5. My favorite breakfast is Cheerios with strawberries (No milk)!
  6. I have been one Disney Princess (Can you guess which one?)
  7. The most important thing in my life is my faith. (I listen to Kari Jobe daily)
  8. In high school I got the yearbook award for best dressed…(and here we are) =p
  9. I LOVE zoos
  10. I do not wear hair extensions (Because I get asked this daily haha)
  11. I am allergic to fourteen types of ingredients/foods
  12. I’ve never tried fish before
  13. My guilty pleasure tv show is The Bachelor or How I Met Your Mother!
  14. If I had to choose wine or Gingerale…I’d choose Gingerale
  15. I used to dance competitively regionally and nationally from age 5-17. 
  16. I am a cupcake connoisseur 
  17. I played soccer when I was 5 but posed in the goals. My dad even bribed me with sprinkled donuts but I continued to dance…..
  18. I collect vinyl records (especially from musicals and Judy Garland)
  19. My dream dog is a Goldendoodle named Gizmo
  20. My lucky number is 19
  21. My favorite meal is Penne Ala Vodka -( GF and my momma’s of course)
  22. The next destination on my map is ROME!
  23. I LOVE flying on planes, traveling on a train etc. – I do this too often 
  24. I am 5″3
  25. I am 50% Russian/ 50% Italian
  26. I LOVE giving back to charities, children’s cancer organizations and families in need
  27. Because we always add an extra candle….hopefully I can list 26 things I love about my fiancé. (If I ever get one.)


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Turkey Tortellini White Bean Soup

Hello Darlings,
            This weekend is the perfect opportunity to try out one of my favorite recipes. With the cold weather quickly approaching; this recipe is one of my favorites. It is easy, quick to put together and healthy! I did a poll on my Insta-stories and about 95% of you wanted me to share this recipe with you. I may or may not have stolen this recipe from my mother, who is a phenomenal cook. Being that I am gluten free, I did not use regular tortellini. You can definitely substitute that with either whole wheat pasta or gluten free rice pasta. I hope you enjoy this yummy fall soup. If you do end up using it; please tag me! I love hearing from you all; your feedback is so important to me. Happy Fall & enjoy everything pumpkin spiced!

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Favorite Things To Do In The Fall

Hey Darling,

    I am sharing with you, a few of my favorite things to do in the Fall. I can hardly believe that summer is already over. Who agrees with me that, summer deserves a speeding ticket? It is no secret that I LOVE the Fall. Something about the cooler, brisk temperatures and the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere. Growing up on the eastern end of Long Island, the fall season certainly was a big deal in our household. I am sharing with you a few of my favorite spots on the north fork.


I absolutely love visiting Harbes Farms in Mattituck. From apple picking, to activities for children, hay rides, spooky mazes and much more. Harbes is the perfect place to visit for everything Fall related. If you do visit, be sure to taste the Apple Cider donuts; (those are Tyler’s fave.) Yesterday, we picked honey crisp apples and they were so delicious. 
I recommend apple picking early in the season. Last year we waited until the end of September and there were hardly any apples left. 

I also love to hit a few different farms on my way out east. This farm specifically has gorgeous fall floral arrangements and fresh berries. I also love their little ice cream stand near the fields. If you are passing by Harbes, definitely stop at Patty’s Berries & Bunches.


Okay, I am also a huge fan of the wineries on the eastern end of Long Island. The tasting garden at Croteaux Vineyards is Rosé all day! Darlings, I am serious here, they actually serve Rosé from noon-6 pm every day. They have several different types of Rosé to try through out their vineyard. This is definitely my favorite vineyard on the Northfork. 





Soho Grand Extravaganza

      So, many of you know from my Insta-Stories that I surprised Tyler with a surprise  birthday staycation weekend in Soho. I wanted to first off thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes! Tyler sends his love to you all. We stayed for the weekend at, the Soho Grand Hotel. Tyler is very into the trendy and rustic locations, so I knew he would adore it. It exceeded our expectations, more than we ever could have imagined. You know the staycation was successful when you both were tearing up on the last day. Clearly we didn’t want it to end. From the kind and helpful guest service staff to the waitstaff at the restaurant; we were delighted everywhere we went. As soon as we arrived, we were your typical NYC tourists. We wanted the entire New York experience, granted we’ve visited a dozen times.

Continue reading below to see how we celebrated Tyler’s Bday weekend. I could go on for days discussing every little thing we did. We will remember this staycation forever and hold the memories dear to our hearts. Also at the very bottom, you will see the pictures from our rustic shoot. We had a blast and now have beautiful photos to look back on.

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