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So I shared my recent American eagle purchases on stories today. It is so convenient because they are offering 30% off online only! This sale will end tonight…so SHOP QUICKLY babes.

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Cruise 2019 Faves

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Happy Monday! What a productive weekend; can I get an amen? After following along on my stories; you guys know I am working on a TON of exciting things. First off, I announced the launch of my specific Yourdarlingstyle item. I feel SO ecstatic and can hardly WAIT to share it with you all. This is going to sell out and be so fun…get ready for the launch. Keep checking my stories for more updates. Anyhow, I can’t believe it is almost time for winter break and spring break. A lot of you will be headed off on vacations soon, so I figured it would be an appropriate time to share my favorite vacation cruise wear. As always, click each item to shop. Have a wonderful week my darlings.













Yourdarlingstyle x Liverpool Jeans

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I am so excited to share my favorite new pair of jeans from Liverpool. It’s so hard to find the right length, wash and fit for my petite sized frame. These jeans have just enough stretch, flatter the body and make leave me feeling like I’m in my sweats. I loved pairing these bootcut jeans with my favorite Liverpool leopard blazer. LOVING the fact that leopard is back in style this year. I love this subtle dark leopard print; mix and match this with black or brown top layered underneath. Liverpool has such an amazing selection for all of my petite gals. Visit and click here for exclusive coupons to use on your first purchase. What’s your favorite type of jeans? Comment below what type of jeans you need to add to your wardrobe.


Blazer link//Jeans link

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As always, thank you Liverpool Jeans and Stylinity for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own. #ad



My Fave Cozy Items + Self Care Tips

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If you watched my stories recently, you saw that I am undergoing a lot of medical testing the next few weeks. I have been feeling off the past few months and have put this off for so long. Just trying to get to the route of some health things that have been slowing me down and keeping me from the things and people I love. I will be focussing on self -love, care and rest over the next month. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back from everything, breathe and rest your soul. Florida was relaxing and I felt rejuvenated, but there is nothing like home sweet home. So many of you shared with me your favorite brands for all things cozy. I ordered a bunch of stuff and it came the next day! I already have on my new joggers and I am OBSESSED. If I can’t go out and enjoy the outdoors, than I want to look cute and cozy at home. They say when you look good, you feel good. I LIVE by this motto.


Leopard Outfit-  

Self Care Tips

  1. Something that has been helping to ease my mind and keep me calm is Magnesium CALM powder. I like to do this two to four times a day in just hot water. I find that nighttime is the best time to drink this. It definitely makes me sleepy. (Warning, it can upset your tummy…so take with caution lol.)

  2. Meditate- This is something I NEED to do for myself every morning and evening. Whenever I begin to feel anxious. I turn on the “Simply Meditate ” App, sip some magnesium water and take deep breaths.

  3. Cryotherapy- No joke, this has SAVED, healed and changed my soul. Cryotherapy works from the inside out and helps reduce inflammation. If you want to learn more on cryotherapy, click here.

  4. Applying heat to my back or shoulders to reduce stress. I LOVE doing this before bed. Not only does this help relax and reduce stress/inflammation it calms me down. I LOVE doing this for 15 minutes.

  5. Salt Cave- Breathing in Himalayan salt has been proven to shorten the duration of colds, viruses, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections. This in the past has completely taken me off my asthma inhalers. I like to sit in the salt cave for 30 minutes to an hour. If I am ill I will go 3-5 times a week until I feel relief. I HIGHLY recommend this if you struggle with asthma or any upper respiratory disease. You can also pour Himalayan salt on your food to help open your airways. I always find mine at Marshall’s for less.

  6. CBD oil- This is something I just started…so I will get back to you with results. I have struggled with severe Asthma and anxiety and willing to try anything. CBD is proven to reduce inflammation and infection. (Planning to do an entire post on anxiety soon)

  7. Reading/Journaling while taking a Bath- This is SO relaxing and perfect for a night in. Take the time to REST, HEAL and RELAX!

  8. Vitamin D and B12 Complex- Vitamin D is NEEDED to boost immunity, energy and brain function. I have suffered from low vitamin D for years. I add 10,000 to my water everyday to get enough. As for the Vitamin B12, this helps calm your nervous central system down.

I hope this was helpful, as always- I am not a doctor or nutritionist. This is MY advice and personal suggestions. Stay happy, healthy and rested in the New Year.

My Current Favorite Cozy Things





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