Hello Cute Shoes, Goodbye Blisters!


Hello Cute Shoes, Goodbye Blisters 🏻

Okay, so let’s be real for a second. Who doesn’t love cute summer wedges? I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve noticed that the older I get, the worse my feet are. I used to strut around in the cutest heels in college and wear pumps in the city for meetings and such.  Yeah, not today sister. However, I found a solution to my issue y’all. This is a serious game changer and SAVED me this past weekend in Maine. We did so much walking around town and,of course, this girl doesn’t know how to dress comfortable. Wearing cute shoes with my long maxi dresses and floral rompers were a MUST! I was recently introduced to blistabloc and they literally saved my feet from blisters. I just love wearing these cute Steve Madden espadrilles, but they rub against my feet and I needed something to help the pain for our long romantic beachside walks. You know what they say, “do it for fashion!“ Y’all let’s be real, there is only so much we can take as women and there’s nothing worse than a bad shoe blister to ruin your trip.

   The great thing about blistabloc is that they go right on the shoe and not on your foot. Goodbye ugly bandaids forever! Can we talk about the fact that they go on your shoe and can last for months too? I spend so much money on bandaids that just fall off and this is a great alternative; especially for travel. I know a lot of y’all are traveling abroad and this would be perfect for you. It’s definitely wedding and shower season- which means all the uncomfortable heels. I may or may not insert these into all of my shoes. I definitely will be giving a set to Mr. Darling, so he will wear his cute boots and boat shoes more. Maybe he will complain less and put his same old Nike sneakers away ….hee hee. Shhh don’t tell him! Also, blistabloc is super affordable and, Darling, now you can get one for every pair! 

Use code “yourdarlingstyle” to buy one, get one free. Darling, all you need to do is add 2 in the quantity field and the discount will be applied at checkout!

To shop- click here !


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