Indian summer in Central Park

     Today’s heat wave was refreshing, while strolling through, the ever so delightful, Central Park on this incredible Indian summer day. Although it was not as cool as preferred on a normal fall day, there is nothing like autumn in New York. I spent this beautiful day strolling in Central Park, watching the varied colored, crisp leaves fall from the trees.
      I adore fall fashion during this time of year and appreciate the beauty of the fashion, as well as the nature surrounding us, during this breathtaking season. I’ve been on the search for a long trench-like suede jacket and scored an affordable one at H&M on Long Island. I just love that the jacket has two pockets big enough to store my iPhone Plus, when on the go. I was also was on the mission for a neutral colored button up mini skirt, you can find quite a selection at Forever 21, as well as Urban Outfitters.  Since I layered today’s look, I was able to take my jacket off when I was too warm, and throw it back on when headed out on the town for the evening, as the weather cooled. 
     Several readers have been asking about my glasses and these are by far my favorite pair I own. I’ve owned many designer shades, but Ray Ban is my ultimate “go to” pair of sunglasses. These are called the Erica sunglasses, in matte black. I scored a pair at Bloomingdales and now I just need to add the deep brown to my collection, also a quite attractive color. 
     Enjoy the weather changes and take a stroll through Central Park on your lunch break or on your way home from your audition, work or class; trust me you will not be disappointed. With all that is going on in the world, take just a moment to take in the beauty of the city, breathe in the crisp fresh air and appreciate the stunning exquisite foliage of the season. Smile at the loveliness of this beautiful unique place, we call home. And if you’re not from New York, you must take the time to visit and stroll through Central Park, it’s worth the trip, especially during the autumn season!


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