Lock In Shine ( Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow)

 I get questioned numerously through out the day, "what do you do to your hair. How do you get it this long…WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?" Well ladies, truth be told there really is no secret to my shiny locks. It is a lot easier to maintain than you would think and a simple monthly routine that is affordable. So take out those hair extensions and read below for details on how to lock in the shiny bounce you’ve always dreamt of. Please note that this treatment may not be for everyone. I’ve had a lot of questions about my hair and  I wanted to share my routine with you. 
       When I was in high school, I always experimented with different products, hair styling tools and different looks. I even tried the homemade hair masks; with egg yolk, coconut milk and olive oil. (I do not suggest any of these homemade masks.) It was then, when I hit my second year in college that I realized my hair was beginning to thin out and just looked very dull and brittle. I’ve always had thick hair but one bad haircut and it was all over for me. I started wearing hair extensions, which was the biggest mistake of all. Hair extensions, whether they are sewn in or clipped in, tear the root of your hair and cause a lot of breakage and damage. Once I started to take them out more  and not wear them as frequently I felt  a huge difference.
       I then visited a local salon and one of the colorists suggested I try a glaze. I suggest Lumishine!  After the glaze treatment, I immediately felt shine, bounce and that I had rejuvenated my hair. It made it healthier and brought back my color. It enhanced it with a richer chocolate brown color. Glaze treatments normally last about 6-8 weeks and my local salon has the service for 35$! You can even get a clear glaze treatment if you do not want to change your color.  It is affordable and it helps prevent damage to the hair when styling so often. Being an actor, I am constantly curling my hair and doing crazy things to it.  I suggest visiting your local salon and inquire about glaze or gloss treatments. I keep up and try to get  a treatment every two months. There are even some companies such as, Joh Frieda  that has an in home treatment. I personally prefer to have it done in the salon. 
     Another thing that I do to maintain my hair is getting a trim every month. I am sure growing up you always heard that if you get a hair trim it will make it grow quicker. Well, it really does. If I go a month without a hair cut my hair gets split ends and doesn’t keep that thick-end feeling. Also, it depends how you cut your hair. I used to have layers and found that if I grew it all out to one length the thicker the ends would be. If you go for a trim every month, you won’t have to cut a larger amount at once. 
     As for shampoo and conditioner, I use Suave Keratin. I have tried every high-end conditioning hair product from Matrix to Nexus over the years and could never find one that I loved. I LOVE Suave products. They are inexpensive and leave my hair feeling shiny and bouncy. Also, if you are going to be styling your hair with any type of hot tool, I suggest using a heat protectant spray first. 
Below you will find a list of the products that I use.