Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Sneak-Peaks)

Hello Darling,

It is that time of year again and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has snuck up on us again! I truly was not planning on covering the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, but I received so many messages asking me to. I figured why not give it another try this year. Everything sold out on my last year! If you followed my stories, then you saw I dealt with a lot of issues with customer service over the last few days. Long story short, my Credit Card went MIA and they needed to send me a new one…they told me it would take 7-10 days which meant I couldn’t shop the sale online early access. They refused to give me my new CC numbers over the phone. It was so frustrating, but after several phone calls with management they overnighted me my new card. AMEN! LOL…priorities I know. I look forward to this sale every year because I stock up on ALL of the Fall basics and things I need in my wardrobe plus one fun special piece. Here is a sneak peak at a few items I am LOVING! I will also breakdown all of the sale info here.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Every year Nordstrom has a sale including brand new fall pieces at a major discounted price. You may also see the sale hashtag #Nsale on Insta (on every blogger’s page!) The best part is that, Nordstrom releases all brand new product; which means it will not be any old Fall pieces. Of course there are some old accessories and home things (such as my FAVORITE barefoot dreams blanket). Hmm I may need a third for the new home! For those of you who have never shopped the sale before…This is going to be the BIGGEST sale of the year. I am going to share my tips and tricks on getting the BEST stuff of the sale! Happy shopping!

When Can I shop?

To be honest I was slightly disappointed in the way Nordstrom handled the timing of this sale this year, however I know next year I will be at icon level…shhh Don’t tell Mr. Darling the amount you need to spend a year LOL! 😉

(July 9th)

(July 10–11)

(July 11th Starting at 12:30pm ET.)

(July 12–18) Open to Nordstrom debit and credit cardholders.

To sign up for a NS credit card click here !

(July 19–August 4 (Prices go up August 5.) Open to everyone!

What Sells Out The Quickest?

Usually things sell out so quick during the Nordstrom sale. I think things will sell out even faster this year because influencers have the opportunity to shop all week long…which I think is slightly unfair in my opinion. My favorite Faux leather leggings tend to sell out SO fast. Also any new Tory Burch bags will go quickly, like this Tiffany blue I am DYING for! Last year I stocked up on basics and a new pair of Hunter boots. Hunter boots never go on sale, so it’s great time to grab a pair during the sale. Dare I say it..maybe save them for Christmas? One other item that sells quick, is the Barefoot Dreams blanket. I LOVE mine and use it every single night. I bring it in the car, to travel, on planes etc. It may be time for me to grab a new one.

Can We See Some Sneak Peaks?

Of course Darling! Here are a few things I was able to dig up over the last 24 hours. Again, you will not be able to shop until the sale begins, but you can start strategizing what you need and getting a feel for what you may want. I have my HEART set on that Tory Burch Tiffany blue bag!

These bags are ADORABLE! Here is the Tory I have my <3 set on!
Tory Burch Leather Flap Saddle Bag, originally $458 but marked down to $305.90 during the sale
Adidas Swift Run : I have my eyes on these too! Originally $85 and will be $63

I will be sharing my favorite items from the sale all weekend long! Be sure to check back! Happy Shopping!

Xx M


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