Pink Lace + Cold Shoulder

Hello Darling, 
    I have been doing a lot of traveling back and forth to Florida. I recently visited Boca for an audition appointment. I must say, my audition experience was a lot calmer than N.Y. One of the young gentleman that works the bar during intermission at the theatre, asked me if I wanted a glass of water while I waited to audition. Let me tell you, this is very RARE! This does not happen in NYC. It honestly felt like Broadway! In New York, you are just another number. This was a nice change and it was good to get a little break from N.Y. I had a few days of sun and relaxation, which was much needed. While visiting Boca, I stopped at one of my favorite boutiques in Delray Marketplace, Apricot Lane. If you have not visited this boutique, you must ASAP! They have several different locations that you can check out through out the globe. Sadly, they do not have an online boutique but I am obsessed with each store carrying different, unique items. This pink lace top pictured below is from my little shopping spree during my 4 day getaway. 
I am so excited to walk into Spring with this gorgeous neutral added into my closet!


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